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I had the pleasure (most of the time, haha) of working with Jason to get myself ready for bathing suit for the latest competition. I truly have never felt more confident in this portion of competition in all my years of competing, with the exception of being 18. I am now honored and proud to say that I was crowned Mrs. California USA Universal 2017 and will be competing at Mrs. USA Universal about 11 months from now. I look forward to my journey to nationals!

Dawnel DeRubeis, Mrs. California 2017

Even though he kicks my butt everyday we still have fun doing it! ive learned a lot about how the body works and how to eat clean and stay active. Even if it is painful*

Eric Osovsky

100% I would recommend Mind Body and Soul. Without this trainer I wouldn’t be where I was today and that is fit and happy keep it 100.*

Jane P.

I was lucky to stumble across Jason when he was working at LA Fitness. I asked the front desk for their best trainer, and of course they recomended Jason Mazy. Jason was destined for bigger and better things in this life. I recognized that quality in Jason immediatly. Jason was welcomed with open arms into the Shin’s family because he is all about quality. Jason never takes shortcuts. He goes above and beyond what other trainers do. He is always studying and learning new aspects as it applies to health and fitness. In a trainer, you should look for someone who is proficient in nutrition, exercise mechanics that are safe for all levels of fitness (particularly if you have injuries) and it is a bonus to find a funny and entertaining person. Lets be honest… Who like to exercise? Jason makes the time go by fast, and i spend alot of time laughing. Most importantly, Jason truly cares about people and puts his clients needs first. Jason is genuienly an awesome person!! Give yourself the gift of Jason for the summer. You will be glad you did.*

Nancy V.

The greatest private studio / boot-camp fitness program ever! Since being trained at MBS with Jason Masy my fitness, physique and health continues to improve. I’m down three sizes at the waist, off BP medications completely and have gained plenty of lean muscle / endurance. Plus nutrition recommendations, my energy levels are at wonderful levels. I recommend MBS to everyone!*


I am blessed, to have a trainer, that takes his time to train and know each and every client as an individual, with strenghts & wekness and set goals that each person can reach and achieve with a feeling of great of success ! Thanks, Jason*


*The above results describe indivual cases and are not intended to be typical or predicative of results for other individuals.

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