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  • I don't workout that often, so is the HIIT class going to be too hard for me?

    Since the class is formed around time intervals, we only expect students to do what they can within the time limit—no more than that! Jason makes sure that every student is working at a pace that works for them, helping them find that sweet spot between boredom and burnout.

  • What's your style as a personal trainer?

    If you’re asking about Jason’s personality, he always makes sure people are laughing during sessions. Like he says to his students: “I know how to make an hour go quick.” Students will hit a round hard, make jokes, laugh it off, and go right back to work. It’s a good flow. If you’re asking about Jason’s personal training philosophy, his broad fitness knowledge (and his certification as a Performance Enhancement Specialist) allows him to adapt to your specific goals. We train seniors, children, burgeoning athletes, desk workers, and stay-at-home parents—and no one gets the same training as the next person. That’s what we’re about: helping you hit your goals.

  • Can you work with my current meal plan?

    Absolutely! Jason is a certified nutritionist, so he’ll be able to adapt your workouts to what you’re eating. He may offer suggestions based on your fitness or athletic goals, but he’s more than happy to make sure your meals and your training are aligned.

  • I have allergies and/or dietary restrictions—will your meal plan work for me?

    Thanks to how simple our meal plan is, it’s actually highly adaptable to any lifestyle. Our meals are almost exclusively gluten-free, and include only non-processed, high-quality foods. If you’re a vegetarian, a vegan, or simply can’t eat certain items, Jason is more than happy to create a specific meal plan that works for you.

  • Which class burns the most calories?

    Oh, any HIIT class will burn way more calories in an hour than you would by jogging for three times that long. If you want to burn some serious fat and develop cardiovascular fitness, high-intensity interval training is what you want. If you want a type of HIIT that fires on all cylinders, definitely consider signing up for our boxing class—it’s intense, but it goes by fast.

  • I just want to lose weight, not fight—why would I want to learn boxing?

    Have you ever seen a soft-looking boxer? Of course not. Boxers have the most efficient, trim, and graceful bodies of all athletes because boxing simply won’t let your body gather fat. The original HIIT program was just fight prep. We’ve adapted those same principles into our boxing and core class.

  • I’ve got high cholesterol—is eating fat bad for me?

    Not at all! You just have to consume the right kinds of fat. Avocados, olive oil, and other natural sources of fat are necessary to keep your body running. We only get into trouble when we consume fat out-of-balance with other dietary essentials. Let Jason know your health needs when you come in—he’ll be able to give you some guidance regarding your diet.

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