Kids have endless energy—and no one knows it better than their parents. Our members like to pick their kids up from school and head straight to the gym, and the kids love it! For young athletes, Jason offers a fun hour that mixes exercise, boxing, and laughs (a lot of laughs).

For parents, Jason offers them a way for kids to burn off that excess energy.

As a certified Youth Exercise Specialist, Jason understands each child's limits, whether they're allergic to exercise or the next NFL superstar (or both). He’s developed a safe, high-energy class focused on bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, and sports-related training.

Just as importantly, Jason makes sure that the class never feels like a class. Too many kids turn into people like us: people who think working out is a chore. It’s tragic. Jason mixes it up, keeping each kid engaged, excited, and ready for more. Our Valencia kids fitness class is every Wednesday at 4:30 PM for kids aged 4-12. Book a spot for this wednesday!