The core of any personal trainer isn’t what their body looks like, the kind of protein they recommend, or their weight-loss philosophy. The most important part of any personal trainer is something you can’t teach or certify: intuition.

Jason grew up in a rough neighborhood, but it taught him the importance of paying attention to people—of knowing how they’re feeling, if they’re approaching their limit, or when they’re about to quit out of frustration. Most importantly, life taught him that we're meant to enjoy ourselves—and that goes double for training in the gym.

Training with Jason isn’t like any other session you’ve experienced. You’re going to laugh, give as good as you get, and push your body and mind to their limit—and no further than that. It might be fun. It might be emotional. It might be challenging. Whatever it is, you can trust Jason will know how you're feeling before you do—and he’ll be ready to bring out your best. Training costs $85 per private session or $650 for a 10 pack of private trainings.