Eating Clean

As a health professional I am constantly asked, what’s the best way to loose weight? Now we all know that there’s is all kinds of propaganda out there that all tell you this is the new break through way to do it. And there has been so many lies sold I still don’t understand how people still to this day believe the ads they read and the commercials they see… Eating clean is the only way to do it right, along with a good fitness regiment. Now what is eating clean? Well to me I think its as simple as saying is it something that was alive such as meats or did it grow out of the ground such as veggies and fruits. So with that said that is Eating Clean meaning real food and not processed or man made. Now eating clean for health also comes with portion control. Woman on average should be weighing there meat out in 4 oz. portions and men 6 oz. veggies should have 2 servings per plate and in my opinion your fruit should be consumed in the morning so your body has enough time to burn off the sugar and balance and regulate your blood sugar levels throughout the day… the more you Eat Clean and the less sugars and processed food you put into your body, the much better you will feel, and the quicker you will reach your goals of what you truly want to look like… Ooooh and don’t overdue your seasonings… that an easy way to turn clean eating bad quickly with powders and sauces… EAT CLEAN and watch what happens! Check out our meal prep options!
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