Nutrition Deceptions

Nutrition can be deceptive as hell at times! We as people are very uneducated to most things on the market. I’d like to go over a few things today that you all should know about!

1: zero grams of fat and zero grams of trans fat and zero calories
What does this mean? Well by law this means as long as that food item has less then .5 of each of those contents they can round the number down to ZERO…?
Well yes I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but guess what that law applies to per serving and we all know that per serving is never a real serving but what they decided it to be… So if you have 6 to more of there so called serving well now were talking about numbers that add up to a very bad number and more then likely you do so each day…

2: Artificial sweeteners:
This falls into the zero calorie law well how many packets do you use per coffee 2-5 well .5 times how many a day? Well were not talking zero calories are we? Not to mention these are some of the highest insulin spikers sold in the market

3: cooking sprays and butter sprays:
These sprays are always labeled fat free right? Ok so we’re talking the main ingredient people OIL… Wow! How in the world is that possible?… Well guess what a serving size is guys/ladies? 1/5 of a second of holding the spray button lol… Another wow! It’s not even possible to press the button that fast so what’s avg? 3-5 seconds right to get your pan oiled up for cooking? So we take .5 times servings which for 3 seconds would be 15 servings!… What the? Yea that’s a lot of fat and a lot of calories my friends!

4: foods containing the ingredient Partially Hydronated
As health on the mind we should never consume not even 1 gram of trans fat a day. That it self is very unhealthy and not natural… Skip any food or product with this ingredient…!

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