Start the 100 Day Challenge! Take Your Pledge Today!

Have ya ever tried a diet and it didn’t work? Or better yet have you ever done a diet that worked and then when you stopped you gained all your weight back? Im sorry to break the news to you but there is no such thing as a special diet or pill or supplement that will fix the problem of your un-wanted weight… Take a pledge to yourself today and start your 100 day challenge. I will be posting 100 recipes, 100 meals and time frames you should eat and workouts that you can be a part of through this challenge… Some ask why 100 days? Well the motto is simple keep it 100% in every aspect of this challenge. 30,60,90 days wont cut it, give me 100 days straight and lets change your lifestyle habits for good… And lets watch the results occur together… Working out will be important so cardiovascular and weight training in different variables will be necessary so join a group training session as often as possible… Come see why we won Best Personal Trainer in the SCV this year, it’ll be hard at times but i promise you fun and a path to results… Lets get it!…
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