Mind Body And Soul Fitness Receives High Praise For Arkansas Life

At Mind Body and Soul Fitness, we are always excited to meet new clients and greet returning friends. We recently had the pleasure of showing one of our popular boxing and core training classes to a writer for Arkansas Life, Ms. Mariam Makatsaria Since it seemed that she was a little far from home, we were extra careful to show her the courtesy and hospitality people expect when in sunny Valencia, California.

Mariam told our trainers that she had never taken a boxing class before, but you would not know it from the way she quickly picked up the sport. We instructed her on the right form for a solid punch, a few different types of punches, and the importance of precision in repetition. As her article later noted, boxing done correctly is a full-body workout – from your arms to your back and down to your legs – that also engages the mind. You have to focus if you want to succeed, and this is not just something that applies to boxing.

The article also mentioned owner and trainer Jason Mazy’s motto, which we have emblazoned on the wall of our fitness center: Core Is Everything. We are glad she brought this up because we really do feel like this is the groundwork of our principles. As you get a great workout in our boxing classes, we want you to also feel like you are improving your center. Not just your center of balance and your core muscle groups but your life’s center as well. Physical fitness and boxing in particular can be incredibly empowering, giving people the confidence to find their core, stand strong in the face of opposition, and never give up.

We would like to take this time to thank Ms. Mariam Makatsaria for speaking so highly of Mind Body and Soul Fitness in her article. She was a pleasure to train and we cannot wait to see her again for another class. We think that will not be too far in the future, for she ended her piece with “I am […] hooked.”

Interested in reading the full article about Mind Body and Soul Fitness written by Mariam? Click here to visit where it is posted on Arkansas Life. Want to know more about our fitness center, which offers a variety of classes and even meal prep help? Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time to learn more about what we do – and what you can do, too – by talking to our Valencia personal trainer.

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